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Responsive web design

A responsive website is a website that is designed in such a way so that it automatically adapts to any type of device (Smartphone, Table and computer). The big advantage is that you only need to build a website and you can manage all your content in one place. This makes managing your content a lot easier. Google finds this important for your Google Ranking. A responsive website getting heavier valued by Google, which is likely in the future means better ranking in search results.


  • Functional design & advice
  • Clear phasing and short lines
  • We are satisfied when you are satisfied


  • Striking and distinctive designs
  • Optimized for all types of devices (Smartphone, Tablet and Computer)
  • You are fully involved in the design process


  • A resource, not as goal
  • Open Source, no license costs (TYPO3)
  • In-house Hosting


  • Custom web development not necessary thanks to already existing modules
  • Extensions are implemented in a reusable manner


  • High conversion
  • More traffic
  • Continuous improvement, also after completion
  • Quality control